A note from our Director….


The question I am constantly asked, again and again, from students who are considering Yoga School is: “Am I advanced enough to enroll?"

I feel like this speaks to a lot of what we are taught in our lives, that before we can consider something, we have to magically already know how to do it, already be at some elusive level of competency so we can save ourselves from looking or feeling like a fool before taking the next step.

This is not to say that having a strong foundation isn't important, but maybe our foundation could focus more on self love and forgiveness, rather than one of judgment and trying to measure up, which inevitably holds us back from something that may actually be the thing that will move us forward.

I'm not saying that yoga school is for everyone, but I am saying that it is for anyone.

It is for anyone who is curious, who wants to devote space and time to self investigation and is also willing to carve out space and time to do so. It is for anyone who wants to learn more about the many layers of yoga and in turn the many layers of self that ultimately have a chance to unfold once given the right container.

Rather than ask the question, "am I advanced enough," which inevitably is a question coming from a place of lack, you might take a moment to consider why you're interested in yoga school, or how yoga makes you feel, or what intrigues you about whatever it is you don't know and may want to discover.

The truth of the matter is, is that we are all just beginning, again and again. A 200 hour yoga program is a beginning, a place where not only do you not have to know or be better or more advanced than the person next to you, but where you start to get to discover in an intelligent and focused way, the shape of who you are in relation to yourself and all that surrounds you.

At TGY, we call our program Yoga School, rather than "teacher training". This feels important because although our program will thoroughly prepare you to embark on a teaching pathway, it's roots are in self investigation, growth, and inclusivity and therefore the desire to teach is not a necessary pre-requisite.

So, what is necessary? Well, I think Yoga School helps you to discover that. And if you're curious, the process may just reveal that what once felt necessary, is no longer, and what once felt inadequate, now feels inherently capable.

You don't have to have it all together to start. You only have to start where you are, and in doing so, you might find more of you than you ever knew was possible.