Real Good People. Real Good Yoga.

At Grinning Yogi, we know that showing up is important. We know there are many days where the victory is stepping into the studio. (We've been there too!) Together, we seek to share real experience. Using the asana practice as a way in, we break down our barriers of disconnection and share our how the practice makes our lives brighter. We never claim to have it all together, but we do have a lot of heart!


Our Training Philosophy

Our yoga school (aka the School of Grins) provides a safe, engaging environment for you to explore yourself through the lens of yoga. We believe that each of us has a wise inner teacher and our program is designed to facilitate and flourish that relationship. Through yogic practices, shared vulnerability and mutual support, we work together to tap into our selves and make ourselves at home there. It is from there we lead.

School of Grins leaves participants ready to lead both on and off the mat. Our graduates go on to teach nationwide and within our own Grinning communities. Each of our programs is designed to empower students to develop their sense of connection to our practices and share it. We deeply believe that we are all connected - more alike than different and that the yoga practices are a way to land in our mutual humanity.

“We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home.” - Ram Dass

Our Leaders


Jamie Silverstein

Jamie heartily believes life's better when we take ourselves less seriously and that our bodies are here to love and be loved! Using yoga, Jamie recovered from an eating disorder in her teens and went on to compete in the 2006 Olympics. Jamie is known for her intelligent, inspiring, and tell-it-like-it-is teaching style, and for weaving together profound personal experiences with her psychology background to deliver deeply moving insights. 

Part therapy, part stand-up, Jamie’s teaching is always honest and real. She seeks to share herself and how the practices unfold our ego creating space for personal growth and development. Jamie creates an experience in which students can connect with themselves, as themselves, and heal from there.

Jamie is a US Olympian, Cornell University graduate, E-RYT 500 and Owner / Director of The Grinning Yogi. Jamie regularly writes and travels sharing her stories through speaking engagements and yoga workshops. 


Anja Kellner-Rogers

Anja's goal is to inspire connection, both individually and collectively. We all have a body, and we all have a mind, yet most of us walk around day to day quite disconnected from our bodies and overly active in our minds. Anja creates space for students to dive into a world where the body is invited to emerge as the speaker and the mind as a compassionate, kind and accepting listener. 

Anja's teaching strikes a balance between fluidity and strength. Her classes are heavily influenced by her extensive background in dance. She aims to create an environment where students may discover new and unexpected ways of moving and be motivated to expand their comfort zones. Through her all-encompassing teaching using asana, philosophy, mudra, music, and attentiveness towards breath, Anja playfully encourages her students to start from where they are. She believes that recognizing and accepting where we are and where we have been, allows us to begin to embody our truest sense of self, and in turn, carves out room to hold others with awareness and patience.