About 300 Hour Training and Advanced Study

The Grinning Yogi 300 Hour Yoga School engages you with 5 Core Modules that provide a deep understanding of the method and body positive approach towards Vinyasa FLOW. Elective modules allow you to handpick continuing education courses to create a program that is as unique as YOU! You will have 3 years to complete 270 contact hours to graduate through our program. We offer hundreds of hours of specialty courses through our awe*mazing in-house staff AND master guest teachers from all around the world!


Core Modules

Core Modules are designed to elevate your Vinyasa flow teaching. Study with our masterful instructors and learn to elevate your yoga on and off the mat!

Core Modules include:


Elective Study

Dive deeper into what inspires YOU by building out the rest of your curriculum of study. Take each course independently for CE credit as you build your yoga chest of knowledge and craft.

We regularly host Master teachers from Laughing Lotus NYC and throughout the Seattle area. We believe that growth and study is necessary in our teaching practice and are so glad to join in on this journey with you.



How Does it Work?

Our training is crafted to bring you material that is both inspiring and practical for teachers and students of yoga. Together, we’ll help you develop as a teacher and student.

Our offerings are spaced throughout the year giving you the flexibility you need to make this program successful for you. The modules cover all the Yoga Alliance topics required for certification: Yoga Training & Techniques, Anatomy, Philosophy, Teaching Methodology, and Yoga Ethics. You have 3 years to finish the immersions, workshops, and core modules so you can pace the program to suit your budget and schedule. When finished, you will have the tools necessary thrive.

More questions? We are here to help!